The whole world is talking about sustainability, but our pocket cocktails leave the smallest environmental fingerprint in the beverage industry and worldwide.


The entire material is made of bioplastic.


Due to the flyweight of 1.7 grams of recycled material and compostable components such as The Organic Drinking Straw or Bio Bag weighs 12 millions Pocket Cocktails just 20 tons and fits in a truck. Our drinks are freshly prepared and filled by the bartender on site, so our transport routes are minimal in the beverage packaging industry.


Cocktail "on the go"

Our challenge as a mobile open-air cocktail bar, and a basic requirement for us to offer cocktails on the go, was above all the cocktail in a plastic cup, a can or bottle to serve.


The added value of a high-quality drink would be so completely lost, the people would like to feel the quality of the drinks in the feel and appearance. In addition, the side features are added that our Pocket Cocktails dance happy (almost nothing spillable as opposed to a cup). Practical to use (also for children), not a projectile, difficult to contaminate with substances or similar. and even in handling / transport are unbeatable for a small mobile business. With only 1.7 grams packaging weight, we are the lightest beverage packaging in the world. And with 2.7 tons weight, the lightest fully equipped cocktail bar in the world. Our bar only needs 1 fridge and a freezer that only consume power when in operation. Thus, we are also the Co2 most gentle cocktail bar in the world.



Cocktails to go are the least-bought beverage in the beverage market in terms of consumption. Above all, millions of bottles of water, beer, wine, soft drinks and energy drinks are sold in disposable glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans.


The share of drinks sold at Pocket Cocktails is several thousandths of a percent compared to Austrian beer and water consumption from disposable containers. With only 1.7 kilograms of recyclable material, 1000 guests get high-quality and freshly prepared drinks to drink. The big ones should imitate us once.


1.7 kg of Co2 (emissions of greenhouse gases) for the production of 1000 Pocket Cocktail Bags

- the lowest CO2 footprint in the serving of drinks Pocket Cocktail Bag is 100% recyclable

- 95% less energy consumption and CO2 emissions (compared to the production based on the starting raw material) a high proportion of recirculation material

- Reduction of energy use by up to 95% (compared to the production based on the starting raw material)

- Reduction of Co2 emissions by up to 95% (the higher the rate of circulation material the lower the Co2 emission)

So it's always possible to make pocket cocktails from recycled bags.) careful use of resources


-Protection of our environment

-High quality standard (at recycled pocket cocktails)

-The material can be fed into the cycle process again and again.